‘design’ key to your success

'design' key to your successBest design is one key to your success. When the visitor lands on your website, arriving via a link on either a search engine or from mention of your website from another source, you have about 3 seconds to catch their attention. Remember, they’re only one click away from the browser button. With a quick mouse reflex, they can disappear in a nanosecond. Once they hit the back button, they’ll never be seen again. On the other hand, it is just as easy for them to bookmark your website, return to it again, and even recommend it.

What is the difference between losing a visitor and winning one over? Content, obviously. Content that holds their interest and that answers some core need. But content, no matter how brilliant, how articulate, how relevant, and how well-formatted is not enough. The frame that holds the content in place – the design – can be just as important in securing visitor loyalty. Design does not have to be brilliant to win respect. It has to be highly functional. Check out this website builder that simplicity and elegance go hand in hand.